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KMU and brethren do not own monopoly on outrage and grief January 24, 2007

Posted by s511 in Human Rights, left killings, The Left.

January 23, 2007

It is saddening that out of nowhere, the Kilusang Mayo Uno has now come out with a malicious release attacking Akbayan and its officers over the issue of extra-judicial killings.

They complain that Akbayan is using the issue for its own purpose. As if issues this grave could be owned by one group alone.

This sectarian behavior is unworthy and disturbing. We wonder whether it ever occurred to KMU for even one edifying moment that these killings include quite a number of Akbayan peasant leaders, mass movement members and local governmnet officials? The KMU seems to be saying that they and they alone have the right to protest gross human rights violations.

And yet they gloss over the fact that Akbayan has been one with Bayan Muna, Gabriela and Anakpawis in pushing measures for the investigation and resolution of these killings, and other resolutions coursed through the House Committee on Human Rights which this representation once chaired.

The progressive forces inside the House were also together in pushing for the passage of the P125 wage hike bill. Akbayan, Partido ng Manggagawa, CIBAC, AMIN together with Bayan Muna and its sister parties, were all there united behind Chair Barinaga when that measure was passed.

But apparently KMU is resorting to vanguard thinking and self-isolation instead of celebrating the diversity, difference and autonomy of each progressive party-list. Instead it wants to go back to its jaded and fossilized view that they have a monopoly of agony and suffering that is inflicted on the Filipino people by the dark fascistic forces within government.

As far as the issue of front organizations is concerned, we shouldn’t deny the fact that once upon a time, Bayan Muna leaders took a role in the NDF and continue to express sympathy towards them. That is fact, but it is no reason to harass Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, KMU et. al.

But unlike the KMU, we cannot turn the other way when the NPA commits atrocities themselves. Akbayan stands against all forms of violence from all sources because that is in line with the universality of human rights.

The recent kiling of Jose Lorano, an anti-communist broadcaster in Legazpi City is an example. Greg Bañares, NPA Spokesperson for the NPA’s Bicol Regional Party Committee admitted to the killing saying Bañares was “found guilty” by a “people’s court” of “treachery” for being a member of the Kilusang Kontra-Komunismo. He was executed by the Santos Binamera Command.

Akbayan denounces such killing with the same intensity that it denounces the killing of BM and KMU members. As non-combatants, KMU and Bayan Muna members are on equal footing with the likes of Lorano and they should not be subjected to harrasment and murder.

Non-combatants must be protected against the armed assault of government on those who use violence and armed measures to overthrow the government today. This is a lesson that should be imparted on both elements of the AFP and the KMU. The Commission on Human Rights can be accessed for this purpose.

KMU is troubled by the way Akbayan views extra-judicial killings, and that is their problem. With the election season heating up, credible elections can only be possible if we are true to the principles of human rights and the destruction that violence inflicts on elections. The killing smust stop, but we need to be united on the issue. We must learn to discern our differences and must at all time avoid subjective and arbitrary mindsets borne of ignorance.



1. oops - January 30, 2007

“As non-combatants, KMU and Bayan Muna members are on equal footing with the likes of Lorano”

That says it all. For Etta, trade union activists and members of anti-communist hate groups are “on equal footing.” That’s quite a revelation for a self-proclaimed member of the “progressive block” in Congress.

2. s511 - February 7, 2007

yes, by all means — neither should be subjected to harassment and violence just because of what they stand for. as the old adage goes — i may disagree with what you say but i will defend your right to say it… so what’s your problem?

“As non-combatants, KMU and Bayan Muna members are on equal footing with the likes of Lorano and they should not be subjected to harassment and murder.”

just to refresh your memory and in order to disabuse you misinterpreting these words. thank you for dropping by this site.

3. leandro - February 27, 2007

It’s nice to hear from Akbayan to call for the stop of political killings against Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela, et. al but labelling these progressive party-list groups as fronts of the CPP-NPA-NDF gaya ng ginagawa nila Mr. CIA Rocamora at Walden Bello sa local and international scene is not different from the official lines of AFP-PNP-Malacanang. Hindi ito TAMA. Is it true that Akbayan has members and organizers who are members of the Military Intelligence Group (MIG)? If this is true, it’s not GOOD.

4. s511 - March 13, 2007

on both counts, no. it’s not true. thanks.

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