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On reported bribery of CBCP July 14, 2006

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The reported bribery of bishops, followed by a dinner reward by Malacañang that took place before, during and after the two-day conference of the bishops is not only an embarassment to ourselves as a people but equally so to the international community.



PCGG perks and privileges should be looked into May 24, 2006

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“I just want to have fun,” Abcede says of his cavorting with Imelda Marcos. This is highly insensitive and callous to the high objectives that the PCGG is mandated to uphold. Abcede has single-handedly undermined the mission of his own office with those six careless words, oblivious to the concept of ‘conflict of interest’, to the detriment of his primary clients – the Filipino people.


COMELEC is wasting taxpayers’ money on signature drive verification April 4, 2006

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The Commission on Elections is again playing the part of Malacañang’s dummy with its insistence on verifying the signatures collected by the Sigaw ng Bayan movement for a people’s initiative. It feels like 2004 all over again with a compliant COMELEC risking charges of contempt, graft and malversation just to complement Malacañang’s blessing on the cha-cha train.