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Akbayan solon calls for immediate installation of farmers in Cuenca land February 28, 2007

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Akbayan Rep. Etta Rosales today called on the Department of Agrarian Reform Sec. Nasser Pangandaman to facilitate the immediate installation of farmer beneficiaries in Negros lands belonging to Roberto Cuenca.

The Malaga farmers, who have set up camp in front of the DAR premises have been granted certificates of land ownership awards and the DAR itself has admitted on national television that no more impediments should block the awarding of the lands to the farmers.

“It is sad that farmers are being pitted against farmers to delay the installation of the beneficiaries because the land that they are claiming is separate from the one claimed by another group,” said Rosales.

“The secretary’s pronouncements that the farmer beneficiaries are fake holds no water since the list has already been cleansed, going through an inclusion and exclusion process,” added Rosales.  “The only impediment is the landlord himself who is unwilling to part with prime lands that under the law, should not belong to him.”

“There is no more process to be undertaken, nothing else that needs to be done except install the farmers,” explained Rosales.  “The DAR should instead support the farmers and give them appropriate support services to help uplift their lives.”

“The Arroyo government has the recovered Marcos wealth at its disposal, and out of P35 billion, about P20 billion should go into land acquisitiona nd distribution and P7 billion should go to support services,” Rosales pointed out.  “Lack of money cannt be used as an excuse either.”

“Farmers in the area have already been killed, harassed and initimidated by Blue Guards supposedly under the employ of the landlord and this should also be investigated,” added Rosales.  “No ifs and buts just because Cuenca is a balae of Iggy Arroyo.”

“Government should understand that landlessness and the resulting poverty is the root cause of armed resistance in the countryside and instead of an unnecessary anti-terror bill it is this social injustice that must be addressed once and for all.”


Judicial independence should be hailed December 20, 2006

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with CA decision refusing TRO:
Judicial independence should be hailed

Akbayan Rep. Etta Rosales today filed a resolution hailing the judicial system’s refusal to turn over Smith to US embassy officials for “detention” while his case is on appeal, saying “it is a triumph of the rule of law and justice against the unnecessary politicking surrounding the case.”  In the same breath she expressed elation over the Court of Appeals’ decision to deny a TRO on the custody issue.

Rosales said that “the decision to hold Smith in the Makati City Jail has single-handedly restored public confidence in the justice system by displaying that the courts are still not caving in to monumental pressure coming from the highest powers in the land, and the CA decision only reflects the soundness of that decision.”

“The conviction and the denial of the petition for US embassy custody of Smith reflects the sovereign will of the Philippine Republic through its criminal justice system, which must be respected by the US government,” Rosales added.

At the same time, Rosales laments the position taken by the DOJ.  “As an extension of the Executive, the DOJ should respect a co-equal branch of government and its decision as an expression of the sovereign will of the people through the courts and desist from lawyering for the US.”

The Office of the Solicitor-General meanwhile, according to Rosales should also support the independence of the courts, “since it is the lawyer of the government and not just the Executive, it should also move to protect and uphold the sanctity of the Makati Regional Trial Court’s decision.”

“The challenge is to make sure that with the petition for custody looking like it is headed to the Supreme Court; the same judicial independence is asserted,” suggested Rosales.

Manifestation on the Lingering case of Rep. Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran November 20, 2006

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November 14, 2006
Mr. speaker I would like to rise on a matter relating to the continued detention of Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran. It has been months since Ka Bel was arrested in the wake of the supposed February 24 botched coup attempt and the subsequent declaration of a State of National Emergency.


Akbayan rep calls for review of absentee voting law November 8, 2006

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Akbayan Representative Etta Rosales today called on the legislature to draw attention to amending the overseas absentee voting law to enable more OFWs to vote in next year’s elections.

Ina privilege speech delivered Tuesday at the House of Representatives, Rosales said “With the past elections marred in so much controversy, it is the absentee votes that could put a definite swing towards greater transparency and accountability in our leadership with a process that has proven fraud-free so far.”


Akbayan rep decries harassment of cross-dresser at Metrowalk resto July 11, 2006

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AKBAYAN Rep. Etta Rosales today called for an investigation into discriminatory practices against gays and lesbians in establishments after a bar in Metrowalk allegedly discriminated against a gay impersonator last week.


PCGG perks and privileges should be looked into May 24, 2006

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“I just want to have fun,” Abcede says of his cavorting with Imelda Marcos. This is highly insensitive and callous to the high objectives that the PCGG is mandated to uphold. Abcede has single-handedly undermined the mission of his own office with those six careless words, oblivious to the concept of ‘conflict of interest’, to the detriment of his primary clients – the Filipino people.


AKBAYAN solon insists on legislative action towards full abolition of death pen, not just through commutations April 18, 2006

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AKBAYAN Party-List Representative Etta Rosales today said that more than a presidential pronouncement; the death penalty should be abolished altogether through the enactment of a pending law.


COMELEC is wasting taxpayers’ money on signature drive verification April 4, 2006

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The Commission on Elections is again playing the part of Malacañang’s dummy with its insistence on verifying the signatures collected by the Sigaw ng Bayan movement for a people’s initiative. It feels like 2004 all over again with a compliant COMELEC risking charges of contempt, graft and malversation just to complement Malacañang’s blessing on the cha-cha train.


CA decision over automotive case threatens jobs July 7, 2005

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AKBAYAN Party-List Representative Etta Rosales today expressed frustration over the Court of Appeals decision denying an appeal on its February ruling that reversed a 2002 ban on the importation of used vehicles.