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1. Marlowe Camello - November 25, 2006

Dear Representative Etta,

The best and only solution against goverment graft and to find out the authors and master minds of murders, human rights abuses, kidnapping, etc., all over the coountry is the adoption of the Grand Jury and Trial Jury systems. These systems will in fact become the binding force to unite the Filipino people. They are the means to speed up in sending to jail any and all known crooks with in a few months – not in years

For a complete information on how the Jury Systems work, please visit the web site below:


I would be delighted to come to the Philippines and help, free of charge and without cost to the government, the speedy implementation of the Jury Systems Law once it is enacted

2. Felecito Masagnay - August 6, 2007

Good day.

Is there any existing body where I can file my claim as a Marcos Human Rights Violations Victim? I am not part of the class suit.

Thank you and more power.

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